Infrared Grills – the New Way to Barbecue

Once the good weather hits us there is a big move by people to drag out their gas or charcoal barbecues, dust them off and flash them up so they can enjoy grills steak, chicken and all the other great barbecue food we all enjoy. But how many actually know there is another way of cooking your food outdoors that will produce food just like the professionals. Well there is, the Infrared Grills.

Infrared Grills is a relatively new form of grilling that is now available outside the commercial establishments. Ever had a char broiled steak with those great char marks, from a commercial restaurant. Well, now that the patent expired on this Infrared Grill technology, this technology is now available to the general population. Companies like Char Broil, TEC and Solaire, to name but a few, have begun to manufacture Infrared Grills for general consumer use.

One company, Char Broil, produce Infrared Grills and one in particular – the Magnum 340 Quantum Infrared Two-Burner Gas Grill, is worthy of a mention here. These Infrared Grills feature Char Broils award winning Quantum Infrared Cooking System. This system completely stops flare up from grease dropping on to hot coals. You have all the versatility of a normal grill, such as adding wood chips to add a smoky flavor, but none of the headaches.

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A few other Grills worth a mention are:

Infrared Grills The Technology.

The Infrared Grills technology works differently from the more traditional gas or charcoal grills. On these traditional grills the food is cooked by convection, ie the air is heated and as it passes over the food it cooks, which is known as an indirect heating method. With these new Infrared Grills either ceramic tiles or stainless steel plates are heated and the food is placed directly on the plate, so the food is cooked by a direct heat source.

This direct heating from Infrared Grills has a number of advantages:

  • It allows for a more controllable heat, which in turn will allow you to cook your food in a more evenly and thoroughly.
  • Due to the fact that you do not have to heat up the air first, means that cooking time is reduced.
  • Because the heating level of the Infrared Grills tend to be higher, meat tends to sear and seal in the natural juices. This results in perfectly cooked, moist meat and the creation of those all important char marks.

One dis-advantage and the only one I can really see is the price. Infrared Grills do tend to cost more than equivilent sized traditional gas of charcoal grills. But look at it this way, you are investing in an appliance that will cook your food to a professional standard, without the charcoal taste of a normal barbecue grill. Some will say that they prefer the authentic charcoal barbecue taste. My answer is, they probably have not tasted the food from Infrared Grills yet.

Also remember, this is a relatively new technology in the consumer market and is only going to get better.

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